Fighting Free Radicals with Green Tea

Fighting Free Radicals with Green Tea

The Japanese have been drinking this beverage for centuries and their incidence of degenerative disease caused by free radicals is very low. They often look younger than their years. The anti-oxidant benefits can be obtained drinking it either hot or cold (Iced Green Tea). Green tea, which has become a popular ingredient in skin-care products really may have a profound effect on skin disorders. Research is uncovering healing and protective effects from green tea, both as a beverage and a compound applied to the skin.

Why Green and NOT Black?

Green tea is fermented differently than black tea. In fact black tea is a fermentation of green tea and does not contain the same ‘goodies’. The anti-oxidants responsible are a class of flavonoids called catechins and contain the protective and anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial to your skin. More on flavonoids later. Green tea has been known for its positive role in disease prevention. A less known fact that interests us is that, compounds found in green tea help fight damage from sunlight and other forms of oxidative stress. Oxidative stress to the body such as smoke and pollutants in the air. Which means if you insist on smoking (to the detriment of your skin) at least drink lots of green tea. Drink as much as you like, you can’t over dose on green tea. Black tea does not have the same amount of catechins as green tea.

A University of Arizona study found that, among tea drinkers, those who drank strong black tea that was brewed for a long period of time had a significantly lower risk of squamous cell carcinoma, which accounts for 15 to 20 percent of all skin cancers. “The skin possesses an elaborate anti-oxidant defence system to deal with UV-induced oxidative stress,” researchers say. “However, excessive exposure to UV can overwhelm the cutaneous anti-oxidant capacity, leading to oxidative damage and ultimately to skin cancer, immunosuppression and premature skin aging.”

So it seems green tea in skin care is good but the only problem is when you buy cosmetics that have green tea extracts in them the percentage is so low. The quickest easiest way to apply green tea is to spray it on. Make up your own free radical fighting Green Tea Atomiser.

Skin Care Recipe With Green Tea

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Fighting Free Radicals with Green Tea



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