Five Ways to Use Essential Oils for Healthy Skin

Five Ways to Use Essential Oils for Healthy Skin

1. Skin Compressing ( C )

For your skin this is the most important way to use essential oils – daily. It does not disturb the acid mantle as explained. Not only does this method cleanse, detoxify, exfoliate and hydrate your skin it also emotionally and mentally has you feeling great too. I particularly like to use rosemary to do my morning facial compress as this is the most stimulating oil. It not only gets my skin activated but also wakes me up and clears my head for the day’s activities.

People, especially women, are busy so you can do this in the shower and also in the bath. The following instructions are for doing it over the bathroom basin. I like to do this on rising to ‘wake me up’ and then when I shower later I don’t have to wash my face again.

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1. Fill your wash basin with tepid water. Use cooler water if you have skin that reddens easily or has any red veins visible. Hotter if you have a drier skin with no redness.

2. Drop 3 drops of pure essential oil into the water. Choose the essential oil (just one for compressing) to address your skin concerns from the selection. Some times you may like to choose your essential oil for your mind and emotions, it will still benefit your skin.

3. Agitate the surface to disperse the oil because essential oils do not mix with water so the agitation breaks the drops into smaller droplets to dilute them with the water.

4. Put your face washer or small towel into the water. Breathing in the vapours and smelling the aroma as you do.

5. Squeeze some of the water out but not all, not dripping but leave it ‘squidgy’ (when you squeeze the cloth tight lots of water still comes out).

6. Press the cloth into your face, no need to rub as this only irritates your skin. Press and caress your skin through the aromatic cloth. Do this 3-4 times.

7. On the last compress squeeze the face cloth firmly and use the now drier cloth to pat dry your face, leaving your skin quite moist. This is now a perfect time to apply 2-3 drops of jojoba oil to trap in the moisture to hydrate your skin. (Towel drying actually dries your skin by ‘sucking’ out precious moisture from your skin into the towel fibres).

Five Ways to Use Essential Oils for Healthy Skin


2. Bathing ( B )

This is a great way to treat your entire skin … all over your body with essential oils. Have the temperature of the water comfortably warm, not so hot that you perspire too much as this will cause dehydration and not allow the absorption of the essential oils.

Add 5 drops of your chosen essential oils. You can use up to three types but only a total of 5 drops to a full bath. The best time to bath is at night to aid elimination of toxins from the day. Always pat your skin dry rather than rubbing dry so as not to remove the essential oils on the surface of your skin. If bathing at night, do not put anything else on your skin (even jojoba oil). Leaving the skin clean allows for further detoxifying while you sleep.

What If You Don’t Have A Bath?

Aromatic showering is an alternative. Using a face washer, drop 3 drops of your chosen oil on it, wet and rub over your body in the shower.


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Five Ways to Use Essential Oils for Healthy Skin


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