The Importance of Sun Protection

Although protection from the sun doesn’t have anything to do with the main focus of this guide (natural remedies and diet), it’s still important to mention it because sun protection is a huge deal in Asia. It’s also one of the biggest secrets to anti-aging that most Asian women are obsessed with.

The Importance of Sun Protection

In many Asian countries, you will find that people go through great lengths to avoid exposure to the sun. Women will wear large-brimmed hats, silly visors, long sleeves, and carry an umbrella on sunny days to prevent the sun from ever touching exposed skin. They also put on sunscreen religiously, as it is the best protection from the sun, save for staying out of the sun completely. South Korea even has arm gloves you can buy for your left arm while you drive a car! This sleeve covers the arm that is exposed to the sun via the driver’s side window so that you won’t get any diseases or skin issues from long term sun exposure. Oddly enough, studies have shown that skin cancer is more common on the left hand side of the body, likely due to the fact that (in Western and some Asian countries), our driver’s seats are on the left hand side of the car. This exposes our left sides to much more indirect sunlight than the rest of our bodies.

However you don’t have to be that extreme in order to enjoy the anti-aging benefits of staying away from the sun. The most important thing you can do is to wear sunscreen every day. That’s right—every single day. It does not matter if it’s rainy, cloudy, or bad weather. Just wear sunscreen on your face (and preferably on all exposed skin). You’ll protect yourself from skin cancer, premature signs of aging, sunspots, and other skin issues that result from exposure to the sun.


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The Importance of Sun Protection


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