Natural Remedies for Anti-aging

Natural Remedies for Anti-aging

When it comes to natural remedies for skin issues or anti-aging treatments, Asian beauty is a wealth of knowledge. The ingredients listed below and instructions on how to use them can help you clear up a wide array of skin disorders and achieve beautiful skin, all while getting in a dosage of anti-aging!


Anti-Aging MintAnti-Aging Mint

Mint can be used to lighten dark spots, correct acne scars, and keep acne at bay. If you have hyperpigmentation caused by the sun or just age spots in general, mint can really help. Simply grind up some fresh mint leaves with a bit of water or honey to make a paste. Apply it as you would a face mask, or you can apply it only to the spots that need it. If you have acne prone skin in general, you can mix mint leaves (ground or whole) with some water and witch hazel. You can also substitute green tea for the water. This makes a nice, safe face wash for people with acne problems. The mint, green tea, and witch hazel will all help soothe and resolve the acne.

Rice Water

rice water for skin whitening

One of the oldest and most popular natural remedies in Asian beauty is rice water. Women of years past used to find uses for everything so that nothing would go to waste. Turns out, the water you wash your rice in is actually an effective face wash! Rice is rich in antioxidants, which transfer to the water you wash it in along with other beneficial nutrients. When used as a face rinse, rice water can improve the softness, brightness, and youthfulness of your skin. It’s a great anti-aging treatment that has been trusted for years by many Asian women. All you have to do is save the water you already wash your rice in! After washing the rice, your water should be cloudy in color—this is how you know some of the beneficial nutrients from the rice have passed over into the water. You can store the water it in any type of bottle, such as a reusable plastic one. Just rinse this rice water over your face every day to reap the benefits!

Coffee Exfoliator

Coffee Scrub and Mask Recipe


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Natural Remedies for Anti-aging



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